Trainee Testimonials

My first experience with Stronachs was meeting lawyers from the firm who attended a 4th year careers insight event at my school, all the way back in 2013. Inspired by this, I completed a week’s work experience with the firm in 2015 as a 5th year pupil. I then returned in 2019, first to attend the firm’s engagement evening event, which allowed me to meet firm staff and gain further insight, and then to take part in the firm’s summer placement or vacation scheme as a 3rd year law student in the employment team. That summer, I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to stay on with the firm as a residential property assistant where I stayed for a further 8 weeks, gaining a great deal of insight into the working life of a lawyer.

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I was very fortunate to assign my traineeship to Stronachs in April 2019. As a first year trainee the thought of an assignation was quite daunting and Stronachs were very open to listening to me and the reasons why I felt an assignation to Stronachs would be beneficial to both me and the Firm. Although I studied in Aberdeen and had undertaken the first 10 months of my traineeship there, I had always wanted to move back to Inverness and I was really attracted to Stronachs’ Inverness office and the different types of work that I would be exposed to.

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Prior to beginning my traineeship at Stronachs, I studied law at the University of Aberdeen. I found Aberdeen to be a great place to live, and was delighted when Stronachs offered me a traineeship starting in September 2014.

Although I was nervous on my first day, it helped that I had met the other new trainees in advance, and that everyone went above and beyond to make us feel welcome. During the first week there was a firm-wide social event, and everyone from support staff to the partners made an effort to talk to us and to get to know us.

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I studied Law with European Legal Studies at the University of Aberdeen and applied for a traineeship with the firm during my diploma in legal practice. I was initially attracted to the firm due to its size and reputation within the North East of Scotland. I attended a student presentation from the firm at the University of Aberdeen where I had an opportunity to meet with various members of staff. It was after this event that I felt that the firm might be a good fit for me because everyone I met was so personable and friendly.

When I was accepted for an interview I was of course nervous. However, when I met with one of the partners, James Downie, I felt at ease immediately. James did not make me feel intimidated or interrogated. He seemed genuinely interested in finding out what sort of person I was and whether or not I would be a good fit for the firm. My first interview was followed up by a second interview with James and Ewan Neilson and again I left with a very positive attitude towards the firm so was clearly delighted when they offered me a traineeship.

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I joined Stronachs as a trainee in 1994 and I’m still here. I am not alone in the firm in being someone who joined straight from university and then progressed through the ranks and into the partnership. I am now a partner in our Energy Team.

You might ask me:

Are you lethargic?

Are you unambitious?

Are you happy to sit at a desk in Aberdeen?

Are you happy to forego the chance to carry out high value, high quality City of London work?

The answer to all of these question is a resounding “NO!”

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